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Here you can find some books (novels) about aviation I read and appreciated.  The link will bring you straight to Amazon where you can buy them…and if you buy them from this links I will have my share to sponsor my dream to fly :)

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One of the first book I read in my life. It’s about the adventures of a reluctant Messiah, Donald Shimoda, who, flying around in his biplane selling flights, met the author and teach him the secrets of the universe and life. A book to read if you like to fly and freedom!
Another great book from Richard Bach. The life of a seagull that doesn’t want to follow the imposed rules of the flock.
From Amazon: “This is a story for people who follow their hearts and make their own rules…people who get special pleasure out of doing something well, even if only for themselves…people who know there’s more to this living than meets the eye: they’ll be right there with Jonathan, flying higher and faster than ever they dreamed.”
A book to give as gift to kids to teach them that is right to follow the perfection in their ow passions.
From Amazon: “Flight instructor Jamie Forbes guides a woman to landing her plane safely after her husband loses consciousness, then flies on to his own destination unimpressed by his act…flight instructors guide students every day. Only after she tells reporters that a stranger appeared in an airplane alongside hers and hypnotized her into landing, and after he meets his own guiding stranger does he solve the bigger mystery: how each of us creates, step by step, what seems to be the solid world around us. The best mysteries are the ones whose answers lie in front of us, in plain sight. The best solutions are those moments when all of a sudden we realize what we’ve known all along. “If you like to explore the human mind and do that reading about flight this is a good book for you!
From Amazon: “Here for the first time in a single volume are three of Richard Bach’s most compelling works about flight.From his edgy days as a USAF Alert pilot above Europe in an armed F84-F Thunderstreak during the Cold War to a meander across America in a 1929 biplane, Bach explores the extreme edges of the air, his airplane, and himself in glorious writing about how it feels to climb into a machine, leave the earth, and fly.Only a handful of writers have translated their experiences in the cockpit into books that have mesmerized generations.”

If you are a pilot you will love it, if you are not a pilot you will run to the near airport to get your Pilot License! :)

From Amazon: “Setting out to explore his beliefs in the environment of a simpler time, Richard Bach shares the adventure of one magical summer he spent as an old-fashioned barnstormer flying an antique biplane. The journey is another soaring personal adventure of wonder and insight from the author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. HC: Macmillan.”You can read it as a single book or as a part of the flight trilogy.
From Amazon: “A man  alone in the sky has a chance to touch the stars.  But as Richard Bach, flying a lone jet across  Europe, reaches for the eternal, he must also confront  the fear and danger that shadow the unknown.”This book is also a part of the flight trilogy.
From Amazon: “To discover that time is not a straight line aimed toward infinity, Richard Bach undertook a magnificent journey. Biplane is the story of  that solo flight into the American skies — a flight that became a personal quest to discover everything that lies beyond the ordinary.”This book is also a part of the flight trilogy.
Makes me dream to have a biplane :)
First Coonts book I read.
From Amazon: “
The most daring — and deadly — terrorist plot of all time is about to unfold aboard the supercarrier USS United States. If it succeeds, the balance of nuclear power will tilt in favor of a remorseless Arab leader. And it looks as if no one can stop it – except navy “jet jock” Jake Grafton. “Cag ” Grafton is one helluva pilot. His F-14 Tomcat is one helluva plane. But some of Jake’s crewmates have already vanished. A woman reporter who boarded the ship in Tangiers may not be who she claims to be. And Jake may have to disobey a direct order from the President himself for one spine-tingling, hair-raising Final Flight”

Really an interesting plot with a lot of aviation scenes. Good book to read.
From Amazon: “Stephen Coonts’ bestelling novels takes readers into the heart of harrowing, pulse-pounding action, whether on land, on sea, or in the air. Now, this master of full-tilt, blockbuster suspense turns into a lush setting 90 miles from U.S. soil. In Cuba, Fidel Castro lies dying. Human sharks are circling. And one man has his finger on the trigger of a weapon that will change everything…
Admiral Jake Grafton is overseeing a shipment of nerve gas being transferred for a top-secret U.S. stockpile at Guantanamo Bay. But a power struggle inside Cuba has ignited an explosive plot and turned a horrific new weapon on the U.S. Now, Jake must strap himself into the cockpit of a new generation of American aircraft and fly blind into the heart of an island that is about to blow–and take the whole world with it…”I start to have an addiction to Coons books. Cuba is more about cold war than aviation, but still include a lot of beautiful flying scenes.

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