Aviation movies

Here is a list of aviation movies. I watched most of them and you can find some comments. Following the link on Amazon you can read reviews and have more info about the movies.

Movie Comment Watch Online
Documentary about the history of the Van Nuys airport. Really a beautiful movie, it worth to be seen.
Great movie about a great man, Spirit of Saint Louis is the story of how Charles Linbergh crossed the ocean for the first time with an airplane. James Stewart is perfect in the role.A must see!
Top Gun has no need for a comment. Great love story with fantastic flight scenes.
In DVD or to watch online!
Is the story of Amelia Earth, first pilot woman to try to circumnavigate the globe. Good actors and a nice movie… a little too long :)
 A movie about covered CIA operations during the Vietnam war. Funny and nice helicopter flying scenes. Mel Gibson.
 Oscar-nominee and Golden Globe-winner Arthur Kennedy (“Lawrence of Arabia,” “Peyton Place”) stars in this exciting action/adventure about a bomber crew that battles over the Pacific in World War II. Very nice propaganda movie. I enjoyed it.
Focusing on his early years (from the 1930 production of ‘Hell’s Angels’ to the 1947 test flight of the Blue Spruce, when he was 42), this is the story of how young Howard Hughes transformed a small fortune into a massive one.Most boring movie about aviation I have seen, I really don’t like DiCaprio in this movie
Gene Hackman. Story of the rescue mission in Vietnam of an American intelligence officer. Nice movie, some flight scenes
1969 remke with Michael Caine. I have not seen this movie
Original 1943 version. I have not seen this movie.
Story of a Navy bomber pilot, played by William Holden (Grace Kelly is his wife), flying the F9F Panther from a carrier.
Special mission to destroy a dam in the German territory during the second world war. I did’t seen the movie, just some scenes icluded in a documentary. Lokks good!
First World War flying officers facing death on the Western Front. Not the best movie I ever seen but can be watched :)
History of the Spitfire and how it changed the second world war.Worth to be seen.
From the Stephen Coonts novel. A terrible movie in my opinion…
Story about how American pilots made up a squadron La Lafayette Escadrille in the French Air Force during World War One before the USA eventually entered the war.Nice movie.
If you like John Wayne and old war movies this is a must see.
Another great movie for if you like John Wayne!
tale of an American First World War pilot, played by the charismatic Robert Redford, who turns to stunt work in the 1920s.I have not seen this movie.
About first world war… I have not seen it
A movie about Korea war. Nice.
Remake of a 1944 documentary, tells the story Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and her crew.

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