Aviation Manuals

Here you can find some aviation manuals I read with a little review. The link will bring you straight to Amazon where you can buy them…and if you buy them from this links I will have my share to sponsor my dream to fly :)

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The best manual, in my opinion, on the Private Pilot License. Very clear, well explained and goes deep in the arguments. Is the best tool to get ready for the FAA written exam!
This is the official manual from FAA. It’s a good book with a lot of information, it can be download for free on the FAA website, or you can buy for few dollars from Amazon already printed. It really worth to be read, and since is the “official” book is a good source if you want to sure how a regulation must be interpreted or what your examiner will ask you during the checkride. It goes pretty deep also on the practical maneuvers. A good text.
Another official book that can be downloaded from the FAA website. This book is more concentrated on the plane instead of the pilot, so it gives all the information about the plane. How a plane fly, different type of planes etc. A lot of chapters dedicated to the complex airplanes.This is another book that worth to be read, and you can have the pdf for free or buy it here for few dollars.
Gleim is specialized in test study books. In this book there is not a lot of theory but all the question you can get at the FAA written. Is a good way to test yourself and have an explanation of the answers (correct or wrong).I used this and and other test tool on my iPad. The book is easy and sometime I still prefer real paper where I can write my notes.
A nice manual for the practice, on the theory I preferred the Jeppsen book. With this manual you can follow all the steps of the part 61 or 141 classes.Some lack of graphic design and only black and white sketches are the limit of this book. But the content is good and can be helpful for the practical test preparation.
This is a very good guide to radio communication. Very well explained, it covers the communication for all the airspace class.This book helped me a lot… yes I still get froze on the radio in the busy spaces… but the book really is a good reading! The graphic design is perfect and makes all the arguments clear.
Clear book about the Garmin G1000 panel.
Easy to read, very well organized. All the important functions are described very well and a lot of color images help to visualize and understand the G1000 in deep.Very good book!

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