This blog was created to share the steps that I hope will bring me to realize my dream to fly.

Since I was a kid I was used to fly with my father. He had a private pilot license for single engine and gliders. We flew for years from Cuneo Levaldigi and Aosta airports (north Italy). When I was 16 he left the license ’cause the increasing costs, lack of insurances and an absurd bureaucracy.

In all these years I dreamt to get my PPL. Now finally I can realize my dream.

I got all the TSA authorization to train in USA and I started last November at Ellington Field in Houston, but for work reasons I had to come back to Italy after the first lesson. So I’m planning to restart my training after the mid of October.

At the moment I have still to find the school and a place where to train, I’m oriented at the moment to get it in Florida since I have a business in Clearwater: www.barbanollc.com

I will try to post updates on the efforts I will make to realize my dream.

Luigi Barbano

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