Just an update

In the last times I was really busy with work and other things, so I didn’t updated the blog, and I also didn’t had other lessons.

But this morning finally I flew again… and I have to say that is not a good idea to suspend the training for long. I really felt as I never flew…almost. But with 1.9 hours I reconnected myself with the flying and specially I cleared my mind from all the normal life matters for a while and enjoyed it so much.

The weather here in Florida is going to summertime and I really understand why in summer is a must to fly early in the morning. I flew from 10 am to 12 and was really hot in the cockpit.

I will travel the next month and coming back I hope I will be able to continue the training with at least 2 days of training a week, is the only way to keep current and don’t have to relearn all again at every flight.

To the next…

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