A trip to Sebring Airport

While my training proceeds flying once a week with highs and lows (today was a no day, as I forgot all about how to land the plane…) last Sunday Carl Weiss, owner of AvStar Aviation invited me and another student for a 100$ burger at the Sebring Airport. We used the Piper Aztec to fly from KPIE to KSEF and back.

Going to KSEF Carl was sitting in the right seat and the other student was on the left seat flying the plane, coming back I was on the left seat flying. We got some rain and the weather was a little turbulent but to pilot the Aztec is really nice! The plane is very stable and easy to fly, a little movement of the yoke and the plane goes where you want and stays there. I don’t know if is something common to all the twin engines, is the weight or is the design of the Aztec, but I was impressed by the stability also if there was some turbulence.

Sebring is a beautiful airport with a nice restaurant. The building is very nice and seems to be really oversized for the traffic it actually has. The following statistics are pretty clear :)

Aircraft based on the field: 46
Single engine airplanes: 31
Multi engine airplanes: 4
Jet airplanes: 1
Helicopters: 1
Ultralights: 9
Aircraft operations: avg 282/day *
57% transient general aviation
43% local general aviation
<1% military
* for 12-month period ending 19 November 2009

I really enjoyed the ride, and flying to go somewhere, instead to stay around the airport just for training, is really fun!

I made a video of the trip and I will post it as soon as I find the time to edit it. Probably will be the first rainy day ’cause here I spend all my free time at the pool or on the beach if is sunny and warm :D

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