A flight to Punta Gorda

A couple of days ago (yes I had to wait some days to edit the video…) I flew to Punta Gorda with Carl Weiss, the owner of AvStar Aviation, with the school Piper Aztec.

It was a nice trip, we went straight from KPIE to KPGD in VFR using the Tampa class bravo airspace and flying at 3000 feet (it was supposed to be 3500 but a layer of clouds was exactly at 3500. Coming back after a burger we flew over the water and you can see the video about the flight.

Fly on the Atzec is a nice experience, more heavy and faster than the 182 and really can be felt on the yoke. I took the yoke just for the straight and lever part of the flight but was enough to get the feeling of a bigger and faster plane. Nice!

What is fun about the cross country is that you can see the utility of the plane, the same trip that took half hour with the twin require a couple of hours with the car. So, as I always heard in my life, and I don’t know who told that first: “The airplane is the fastest way to go in a place when you are not in hurry!”

Here the video and some pictures of the Aztec.

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