8th of Febraury – some aerial photography and some landings

Today I tried to do some aerial photography, the day in the early afternoon was perfect, but later it was a little too hazy so I just took a couple of pictures to try the point of view and I will try again another time. I was sitting in the right seat and Sherri (the instructor) was piloting the plane. And is really impressive to be a passenger and see how everything can be done with precision and smooth and all looks so easy! One day I want to be so smooth too!!! :)

We went back to KPIE, switched the seats and worked on the pattern. Four landings, the last one with the lights on the runway already on (wow I like that!) and I made them pretty good. I start to feel the plane and I just have to be more natural and keep on the center of the runway… I always go left, that is something I want to avoid not just ’cause is important for the safety and the checkride but specially ’cause I never go to left… I don’t want my landing trend to be confused with my political opinion! So never again to the left!!! :D
But I’m really satisfied of how I’m doing, specially ’cause in the 182T there are a lot of different things to consider with the constant prop and the G1000, that I think I’m doing a good job. And seems that also Sherri is satisfied… so all is good!

You can see here a picture of Clearwater Beach and a pic of the Cesna 182T cockpit owned by AvStar Aviation. I start to love that plane!

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