6th Febraury 2012 – A nice lesson with the Cessna 182T

Another lesson today, in the morning for 1.6 hours.

We used the Cessna 182T, the plane I choose for my training and I start to have the feeling for it. We went to the training area, here in in front of Caladesi and Honeymoon Islands.
We started with some slow fly and I did pretty good until I lost the heading during the recovery a power off stall, some steep turns (not easy with the haze on the horizon) and simulated an engine failure. Back to the base for 4 landings, and I got the last 2, I start to feel the plane so I’m pretty optimist.

Today I did a video, with the camera pointing out of the rear left window. You can see the simulation of the forced landing, a very beautiful panorama of Clearwater Beach, and a landing at KPIE. Some nice music on the video :)

I really like to fly here around, I must say I really like Clearwater Beach… that’s why I moved here :) But from the sky the color of the water is amazing.

Take a look at the video and let me know :)

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