Piper PA28-140

Last Friday I mad a 1.3 hours of flight in a Piper PA28-140, that was an option for the training at AvStar, so I decided to take a test fly and decide if I wanted to train on the new Cessna 182T with Garmin 1000 or with the Piper with analogue instruments.

Something I really don’t like about the PA28 I flew is that there is only one door on the passenger side, it makes pretty difficult to go in (never try to do that with the flaps lever up between the seats!) and gives a claustrophobia feeling.
Only the pilot has brakes, not on the right side, and the plane I flew had some nosewheel problems ’cause was making the pedals vibrate a lot during the taxi, takeoff and landing.

The Piper was pretty old and as all the old planes (I start to learn it) with some little problems. 140hp are really not too much and the plane sounded so light and not really stable, so I decided that the Cessna 182T with the G1000 will be my choice for the training. It’s much more stable, faster and newer, all aspects that I like. The bad part of that is the cost… but I will see what I can do.

So now I will have to learn all about constant speed propellers and Garmin G1000 instruments. For now all sounds pretty good and I don’t see that as a difficult task. I’m more worried about to learn how to manage the “heavy nose” of the 182 :) For sure in a more complex airplane than the Cessna 172 I flew in Ocala, there is a lot more to do and remember; constant speed prop means to have to deal with throttle and propeller control, and also there are some other things more. But I’m sure I will learn them. I already downloaded the POH and I’m studying the procedures so I will be prepared Monday when I will have my next lesson.

Next week I also scheduled a fly to take aerial pictures of the area and I think that will be fun.

More to come :)

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