TSA authorization for a new school

I choose my new school, is the AvStar Aviation based at KPIE (Clearwater/St.Petresburg). So I had to ask again for the TSA authorization for the training, as usual pay the 130$.

It was very fast, 24 hours and all was done, less than that I asked the auth in the afternoon and had it in the morning after. So again for me TSA is working very well and I appreciate the job they are doing.

Why I choose the school… it’s a small school, they have new Cessna planes with Garmin 1000 included a 182 and some older Piper. So I will have options to evaluate. They were kind and answered all my mails, and I contacted the wife of a friend who got her license there and she suggested me this school.

Monday I will fly ’cause today was very windy and tomorrow is supposed to be bad weather, and I will not in the weekends probably.

That’s all. I can’t wait to go on with the training and to be again up in the sky.

More after the lessons!

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