12th lesson

Today, Monday, sunny windy day I did .9 hour of flight with 3 landings. We spent some time in the ground to fill up the form with all the questions about solo flight and then we went up. There was some crosswind so I was not so comfortable and Piff didn’t soloed me. Perhaps tomorrow if the wind will be calm and I will be in the mood.

I’m not a brave man and I prefer always to stay on the “safe” side, that means I have to really feel ready for the solo. I want to be able to do all perfectly without the instructor telling me what to do. Mentally I don’t know if I’m ready, I was watching the video made today (boring, I will not post it) with the camera looking at me, and I still look too much for the instructor. So tomorrow I will see if I feel in the mood or not.

What else I have to say… today I took a simulation of the FAA written and I scored 82%, 70% is enough, but I still miss a lot of knowledge that will be learned for cross-country, I wanna score more than 90% before to take the actual test. Also with theory I like to stay on the safe side.

I’m also thinking to take a ride with another instructor just to see how I can feel with someone else that I’m not used to. Can be another step on the safe side. Don’t misunderstand me, I like how Piff teaches, is just an idea to test myself in a different situation before to solo. As said before I will decide tomorrow what to do. I’m not used to long term plans :D

Today at the school they discovered a leak of exhaust in the Cessna Papa Charlie that I flew last week a couple of times. I smelled it after the first minute and reported it, as always my nose is very sensitive, I can start to make a life looking for truffles. My feeling is also that I would love to fly some newer airplanes but I think this is a limit in a lot of flight schools where the planes are used as much as possible. Little things like an instrument knob falling on the floor, a loose screw or a low battery level at start are not a big deal that compromise the safety but they give a feeling of non perfection of the aircraft.

So, I will tell you tomorrow how the flight went and waht I decided, for now I will go to take a good night of sleep!

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