Just an update

In the last times I was really busy with work and other things, so I didn’t updated the blog, and I also didn’t had other lessons.

But this morning finally I flew again… and I have to say that is not a good idea to suspend the training for long. I really felt as I never flew…almost. But with 1.9 hours I reconnected myself with the flying and specially I cleared my mind from all the normal life matters for a while and enjoyed it so much.

The weather here in Florida is going to summertime and I really understand why in summer is a must to fly early in the morning. I flew from 10 am to 12 and was really hot in the cockpit.

I will travel the next month and coming back I hope I will be able to continue the training with at least 2 days of training a week, is the only way to keep current and don’t have to relearn all again at every flight.

To the next…

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Sun’n Fun last day

Last day of Sun’n Fun. Great show, perfect organization and met a lot of great people! So I’m very satisfied! But so tired that today I will post jut few pics…

More after a day of relax!

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Sun’n Fun day 6

Day 5 of the show… some rain and clouds shortened the afternoon show, but still was great… and I didn’t get the rain ’cause I was under a tent, so quite a perfect day.

Again, let’s talk the pictures!

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Sun’n Fun day 5

Day 4 of Sun’n Fun. More airshow, more shopping, more fun and more sun.

Thunderbirds show, it’s a great show! And at night a show with lights and pyrotechnics, that was really incredible!

Take a look at the pictures and you will understand what I mean :)

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Sun’n Fun day 4

Third day of Sun’n Fun, less sun and more fun today. I had the opportunity to go to see the arrival of the Thunderbirds on the taxiway, see them arrive, parking, take pictures and talk with them. That was awesome!

Some pictures here!

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Sun’n Fun day 3

Day 3 for me and second official day for Sun’n Fun.

A lot of fun! I did some shopping in the morning and assisted at a couple of press conferences, one of them was Harrison H. Schmitt, a former astronaut from the Apollo 17 mission. Very interesting to listen, and I’m happy to see that there is still people trying to convince the people in Washington that is important for USA to keep a leadership in the space… and I also discovered that the moon is full of Helium 3 that can be a perfect resource for nuclear fusion. Another interesting thing was to discover that the average age of the Apollo project team was around 25! Yep, we need again some good team with freedom to be creative!

As you can see from the pictures the show was interesting also today, at at the end of the day I was able to get a book signed from Schmitt and take a picture with him :)

Another great day at Sun’n Fun!

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Sun’n Fun day 2

First show day at Sun’n Fun… a lot of Fun and a lot of Sun. Tomorrow sunscreen! :)

Just take a look at the pictures…

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Sun’n Fun… day -1

Tomorrow Sun’n Fun, one of the biggest airshow, will start at Lakeland Airport (KLAL). I arrived here today, a day in advance and I got my press pass and had the time to look around and take some pictures.

So here are the pictures… more in the next days.


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A trip to Sebring Airport

While my training proceeds flying once a week with highs and lows (today was a no day, as I forgot all about how to land the plane…) last Sunday Carl Weiss, owner of AvStar Aviation invited me and another student for a 100$ burger at the Sebring Airport. We used the Piper Aztec to fly from KPIE to KSEF and back.

Going to KSEF Carl was sitting in the right seat and the other student was on the left seat flying the plane, coming back I was on the left seat flying. We got some rain and the weather was a little turbulent but to pilot the Aztec is really nice! The plane is very stable and easy to fly, a little movement of the yoke and the plane goes where you want and stays there. I don’t know if is something common to all the twin engines, is the weight or is the design of the Aztec, but I was impressed by the stability also if there was some turbulence.

Sebring is a beautiful airport with a nice restaurant. The building is very nice and seems to be really oversized for the traffic it actually has. The following statistics are pretty clear :)

Aircraft based on the field: 46
Single engine airplanes: 31
Multi engine airplanes: 4
Jet airplanes: 1
Helicopters: 1
Ultralights: 9
Aircraft operations: avg 282/day *
57% transient general aviation
43% local general aviation
<1% military
* for 12-month period ending 19 November 2009

I really enjoyed the ride, and flying to go somewhere, instead to stay around the airport just for training, is really fun!

I made a video of the trip and I will post it as soon as I find the time to edit it. Probably will be the first rainy day ’cause here I spend all my free time at the pool or on the beach if is sunny and warm :D

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A flight to Punta Gorda

A couple of days ago (yes I had to wait some days to edit the video…) I flew to Punta Gorda with Carl Weiss, the owner of AvStar Aviation, with the school Piper Aztec.

It was a nice trip, we went straight from KPIE to KPGD in VFR using the Tampa class bravo airspace and flying at 3000 feet (it was supposed to be 3500 but a layer of clouds was exactly at 3500. Coming back after a burger we flew over the water and you can see the video about the flight.

Fly on the Atzec is a nice experience, more heavy and faster than the 182 and really can be felt on the yoke. I took the yoke just for the straight and lever part of the flight but was enough to get the feeling of a bigger and faster plane. Nice!

What is fun about the cross country is that you can see the utility of the plane, the same trip that took half hour with the twin require a couple of hours with the car. So, as I always heard in my life, and I don’t know who told that first: “The airplane is the fastest way to go in a place when you are not in hurry!”

Here the video and some pictures of the Aztec.

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